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Jericho Road Global’s health outreach tangibly demonstrates the love of God by addressing health disparities in the home countries of our refugee patients.


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About Our Global Health Operations

Collaborative & Strategic

Refugee patients from Jericho Road Community Health Center advocate for centers in their home countries after receiving care in Buffalo, NY. Our US staff collaborates closely with local providers and refugee communities to pinpoint and address critical medical needs in each location.

Welcomed by Local Government Authorities

Jericho Road Global collaborates with local authorities to establish our community health clinics. Our approach empowers communities to take charge of their health and well-being, which leads to exceptional medical services.

Staffed by
in-country residents

By recruiting and training individuals from local communities, we are providing employment opportunities and investing in the community's health and well-being. Together, we make a significant impact on healthcare access in local communities.

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About where we work

Sierra Leone

In 2015, during the height of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, we decided to open our clinic despite the challenging circumstances. We recognized the critical need for healthcare access and the role we could play in alleviating the stress and suffering of the affected population.

Thanks to the dedication and sacrifice of our staff, we have been serving the people of Sierra Leone for almost a decade now.



The Democratic Republic of Congo has a tumultuous history marked by a complex web of armed conflicts and economic instability. Its people have endured countless hardships, and many children have been born into a violent environment, while others have been forced to flee their homes and remain internally displaced.

Jericho Road provides quality healthcare to the underserved population in Goma, critically improving the community’s overall well-being.



Nepal is confronted with various challenges when it comes to providing healthcare services. Some of these challenges include financial difficulties, lack of proper infrastructure, shortage of healthcare professionals, as well as challenging terrain and physical barriers.